argh, I was busy raising money for my mom and it’s like I kind of forgot that moving is expensive, and now *we”re* precariously broke. .___. 







Take a look at this cosplay from GaymerX. These are the women from Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed that are too hard to animate. 


Take a look at this cosplay from GaymerX. These are the women from Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed that are too hard to animate. 

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"i don’t support feminism because i don’t hate men"


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adventure time literally explaining colonialism in 30 seconds

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It’s like Marvel is really trying to piss people off, lol. 


calling it, whoever the new iron man is they won’t be straight. marvel’s tryna go for the trifecta.

Nothing makes me more pleased than Marvel making Marvel fanboys angry about genuinely good and interesting comic choices.

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Anonymous said: I hope this covers it. Let us know if its not enough.

I’m sorry I haven’t responded sooner, I was very tied up with work and just… exhaustion in general, But I just want to say that it was definitely enough to cover my mom’s car payment. Thanks to your generous contribution, combined with other donations, there’s even a little extra for her to get necessities like toiletries,and diapers for my youngest niece, Peyton. I wish I knew who you were so I could properly thank you and find some way to repay you… 

Even though I don’t foresee a solution to my mom’s financial problems, I do what I can, and when that’s not enough, I look to the kindness of friends, and even strangers, because the internet is amazing and I’m so thankful, I don’t even know how to put it into words. 

Please,if you ever want to identify yourself, send me a message. I hope you get a chance to see this post. 

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I hate to do this, but my mom’s car is about to be repo’d. She is taking care of two small children and a teenager (my nieces), and needs to have transportation. Her payment is a staggering $360 (for a very old model car that isn’t even in very good condition, such is the reality of getting a car from a used lot with no credit…)  If you have even a few dollars to spare, please donate via paypal:

thank you all so much. You have done SO much for my family already. 

Reblogging this because I am running out of time. I’ve raised $60 so far, $300 more to go… I don’t think I can feasibly get it all raised by tomorrow’s deadline but I am really hoping and praying they will take whatever I can manage to scrape together in order to keep the repo man and his tow truck out of my mom’s driveway for just one more week… 

Thank you to everyone who has reblogged and/or donated. You mean more than you’ll ever know to my mom and my nieces. 


getting 0 notes on one of your posts that you personally thought was clever/funny


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The Girl in Byakkoya from the movie Paprika

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